Turn Social Media Supporters into Donors


Bobby Kostadinov

The process of getting supports from social media to visit non-profit organizations and donate, is one that has many methods to it. Many organizations think that the best way to get donations is by creating a donations link and having people donate money into it. This method rarely works, or gets an insignificant amount of donations. The method described in the article that I read, goes about using emails as the best possible way to getting social media supporters to donate to your non-profit organization.  It goes on to talk about how the process of getting donations through email is spread out into three categories.

The first step I in getting donations to your organization is the ability to collect emails from your social media followers. As described in the article, it is best to get a wide range of supporters from all around the world. Even if you get half of their emails it will be a great benefit to your organization. As stated in the article, “being able to communicate with people through e-mail trumps the ability to reach them through social media by a wide margin.” Through this way of communication you are going to be able to build a stronger relationship with your supporters. Creating an email newsletter sign up box, and getting your followers to go to that would be the best possible way of getting the most amount of emails.

The second step in getting donations is after you have gotten those supports emails through social media, you must make a connection to them. It is implied to send out a newsletter to show what exact you want to do with the donations. By using this method you not only get your viewers interested more but also have a common connection established. A system for sending out individual emails should also be set up. This way you can connect on a more personal basis. The emails send need to be short and brief, but still getting right to the point.

The third and final step is to ask your social media supporters to donate using appeal. Ones you appeal to your supporters, you can then add them to the newsletter, and have them feel more intertwined with your organization. The supporters at this point should feel like they are part of your organization and feel like they are making a difference by donating to a cause. These social media supporters can now be part of your standard cultivation and solicitation cycle.

After all the steps above have been implemented into your marketing scheme, more and more supporters from your social media will become more connected. Don’t sent out tickets or as for donations, but instead use the idea of creating a connection with your followers through social media and email to get them to become donors. These ideas are great because it makes the supporters feel like they are also part of your community, and it further helps them understand what exactly they are donating to and why.