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17 Fundraising Ideas to Raise More Money

Michelle Morales


GiveForward is a site devoted to fundraising by raising money for someone and something you care about. The amount of money made by using this site has been estimated to $183,603,334. This article went to describe 17 different ideas in order to raise more money. One of the first things talked about and stuck to me was about the basics. When you were little you may of had your own stand at the end of your drive way of fresh lemonade or treats in order to raise money for something you really wanted. Well that idea is never a bad idea and with less generalizing and more specializing in one idea might be able to boost more sales.

Boy holds bake sale as fundraising idea

After that it goes through tips in order to raise more money. You want as much foot traffic as possible in order to make the most money. In order to get more foot traffic you need to know your audience first. If you have an audience who is generally younger you do not want to be selling your grandmother’s china set to them. Maybe selling something more their generation is going to utilize. However, you will always have that one exception who will buy it but why not sell something that will fit your audience. It also talks about getting help from your friends and the more people you have getting your idea out there the more will be donated.


Another big topic talked about is your never too old to be silly. You do not want your fundraiser to be boring you want to make it goofy and fun. Ideas out there are rewards and mini games that people are able to partake in. Also, you can also get physical by organizing a marathon to raise money for cancer or anything else that you are very passionate about. More importantly you are able to do anything in order to raise for your cause because there is no limit to what we are able to do today. It is all about pushing boundaries and having fun and being yourself and get people to care about something that means the world to you. In the article there are many people who have raised money for one who is going through something difficult like cancer or a baby who has leukemia. Even though a lot of the fundraisers on here are people trying to fight for their life there are many other ideas out there.