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3 Sites for Fundraising

Melissa Guzior

In order to advance the keyword “fundraising”, I have found three different sites that companies would want to utilize in order to get started with this task.  The first one that I had discovered was  This site has valuable information from the ground up.  They offer information on causes that you can discover by month to support or to support the cause you have chosen to fundraise for. Links for fundraising product sites that you can use in order to raise the funds for your cause also such as cookie dough, scratch offs and other items.  They also show resources in order to find services to help you raise funds or even see what causes your favorite celebrity supports.  This site is an all inclusive site that covers all aspects of beginning and running a fundraiser or just supporting a cause.  

The second site that I chose to investigate when it came to “Fundraising” is a resource that I discovered on the very site that I just discussed.  In order to broadcast your cause, one of the biggest media outlets there is has a non profit section you can use in order to broadcast and spread the word about your cause of choice. is a resource that nonprofits can utilize in order for them to create videos through which viewers can donate through with an external link of the causes discretion.  Youtube and Google have partnered up in order for a Google nonprofit account to be made to help raise funds.

The last link that I discovered was  This tool can be used in order to create an interactive slideshow through different social media outlets that will continuously update and show what others are donating and doing to support the cause in order to spark collaboration of others as they see their peers do so.  This site also breaks down ideas for fundraising according to what you want to raise for from animals to sororities.  These three sites are great resources and starting point for anyone who is trying to raise funds.