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Joe Dickert

I chose to explore because I wanted to choose a reliable and informed website and with the selection of different fundraisers and ideas for each one. What also made me choose this website was the fact that it was so easy and fast to find. The website was located on the first page of when I used the key words “fundraising ideas” to search for fundraising ide and tips websites.

Within the website I chose fundraising ideas for Military and Veterans because you can never have too many fundraisers for the men and women risking their lives to protect myself and the rest of the United States. The men and women overseas go through so much harsh training, conditions, and even deal with scary situations in which their life can be taken at any moment. The least people can do is help run fundraisers to show appreciation to all the soldiers and veterans.

Some of the different tips the website had for fundraisers for military and veterans are: detail your cause, consider your timing, communicate your guidelines and goals, promote your campaign, think global, and thank and then thank some more. Each tip had great explanations of what they mean and they went into great detail to help the viewer of the website better understand what they mean and to help them gain better knowledge of a more efficient way to fundraise for military and veterans.