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Fundraising Campaign Tips


Nancy Garcia

It is essential to follow these steps to achieve success in your fundraising campaign:

  • Start with a moderate goal → Choose a realistic goal and make sure to update your fundraising campaign description with every cost so potential donors can easily see what their money is supporting.

  • Choose a short end date → The most successful fundraisers have a deadline that conveys a sense of urgency. Usually, a timeframe of 90 days—or less—is reasonable for gaining interest and motivating people to donate quickly.

  • Name your fundraiser well→ Pick a name that will make people want to read more about your fundraising cause and story. Make it short, descriptive, inspirational, and easy to find when people search online.

  • Tell your story honestly→ Write your story with vivid, inspirational words that touches people’s hearts.

  • Upload good photos & videos→ High-quality images & videos have a dramatic effect on fundraising success and viewers’ ability to develop empathy for your cause. Give powerful updates wordlessly.

  • Create Community → Make your messages brief so others can share them easily. If you have a blog, use it to promote the link to your fundraiser page.Update your fundraiser regularly→ The frequency with which you update your page directly ties to your fundraising success.

  • Adjust goals & deadlines as needed→ Let all your donors know about your new deadline or updated goal and encourage them to take action.Follow up on your fundraiser→ Achieving your goal is not the end of your story.

  • Donors want to find out what happened and how the beneficiary is doing. Wrap up your fundraising success with updates that share your gratitude, along with photos, a video, or links to news coverage.