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Fundraising Ideas

Erica Kotsovos

The article Creative Fundraising Ideas for Non Profit Organizations by Joe Garecht discusses ways for organizations to raise money that may not be typical. This article is for organizations that have run out of ideas and need something new and fresh to help raise funds. The author suggests thinking ‘outside of the box’ when it comes to fundraising. Being creative can spur interest in an event and draw more donors. The author provides three new ways to fundraise that the reader may have been unaware of. These ideas include minor donor groups, affinity fundraising, and super events.

    The first fundraising idea discussed in the article was using or creating minor donor groups. A minor donor group seeks out smaller donors who may only be able to give a limited amount of money each year. This could be anywhere as low as 25 dollars upwards of one thousand dollars, this obviously all depends on what the non-profit believes is a small donation. It is important to treat these smaller givers the same as the larger givers (i.e. newsletters, meetings, etc.) because their support can still benefit a non-profit group.

    The second fundraising idea discussed in the article was affinity fundraising. The author says that affinity fundraising groups are basically the same as major and minor donor groups however affinity groups have a commonality. The examples the author provides are lawyer groups, young professionals, or city groups. If enough people share the idea or topic of the affinity group, then more and more people will join thus increasing connections and donations.

    The last fundraising idea the author mentions is super events. A super event is a fundraising idea that combines multiple hosts who put together an event to help support a non-profit. The example the author gives is that a non-profit can have a super event where ten hosts participate in the event and each raise money. According to the article, super events can actually make more money than individual events. All of these ideas are potentially great opportunities for a non-profit to expand its fundraising goals.

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