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Reflections on Sports Fundraising

Eric Rubel

I love sports and I have been playing sports since I have been able to walk.  Something that is often very important for sports teams is fundraising.  Fundraising is important because it can help sports teams pay for their league fee or for example, buy new uniforms.  Some teams may have the luxury of having enough money to join a league or buy new uniforms or equipment, but many teams do not.  

On, there are many different fundraising ideas that you can choose from.  Every sport requires a league fee no matter what the sport is.  Fundraising for sports team usually requires each individual to go out and sell a product to friends, family, and neighbors.  Some fundraising examples that are given on this website are cookie dough tubs, pizza discount cards, sports lollipops, and chocolate bars.  Although this is not mentioned on this website, sports teams also often participate in events such as a golf outing or car wash to help raise money for their team.  The events are just as great as ideas as selling the products mentioned on the website are.

As I first mentioned, I have been playing sports since I have been little.  I played park district baseball for Mount Prospect Park District, and we were required to participate in a fundraiser.  The fundraiser that we had to do was selling nestle chocolate candy bars.  I asked my family and friends if they wanted to buy candy bars, and I also went to everyone’s house in my neighborhood to ask if they wanted to buy candy bars.  Most people bought one because they wanted to help me out, and they knew who I was.  The money that was generated from the candy bars was used to pay for the uniforms that each team had in the league.  I would recommend selling candy because it was a success when I did it.  I also think a golf outing would also be another great fundraising idea that would help generate a lot of money for a sports league.