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GoFundMe Overview

James Holub

In November of 2015, the New York Times ran an article, GoFundMe Gone Wild. This article describes the benefits and setbacks that comes along with the fundraising website.

The author begins by talking about an old babysitter who was asking for money for her wedding without even giving her an invitation to the wedding. This is bringing about an interesting trend that has popped up in our society: entitlement without any sort of reservations about asking anyone for money.

Another interesting insight from this article was the fact that many people are looking for more than money. It seems as though people are looking for fame from these fundraising campaigns and those who don’t have a very valid reason (some including getting their child ice skating lessons or a gentleman wanting a generator to throw better parties) seem to feed off the attention from these crowd funding websites.

Overall, this is an interesting way people are starting to use social media and sociologists are still attempting to learn about this phenomenon. While our generation could be struggling with a vanity complex or just a strong sense of entitlement is still up for debate. However, these conclusions could not be known for years if at all. The future is the only thing that will dictate where people are intending to take this type of social media use as well as the use of these crowd funding websites.