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High school fundraising

Brian Smith

In high schools around the country fundraising plays such an enormous roll for sports. Whether its getting new equipment, transportation to games or even building new facilities for teams. Many schools go by a “pay to play” approach, which when joining a sport for a high school or club team you have to pay before hand. This is because schools or team organizations use this money to help make the experience for these young athletes better and more memorable.

The best way for schools to get fundraising money is to ask for donations from families and friends of these families to help with these team sports. Unfortunately equipment and transportation just costs so much now a days it makes it difficult for school to pay large amounts of money to keep these athletics going. With donations not only does it benefit the schools, but it also benefits the athletes as well as the athletes families.

It is sad to think that these sports cost so much now days to keep going. Many schools have had to cancel season and cut off sports because it just costs so much to keep going. I don’t believe any student athlete should have to end their sport career because the school can’t afford it. Many students depend on these sports not only to keep them active and healthy.