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Online Fundraising

German Solis

There are many ways that fundraising can be a part of an organization. Whether it is fundraising through online or through personal settings, it is possible to make it successful as there are many tips that are offered. According to the Charitable Giving Report in 2013, online fundraising accounted for 6.4% of all charitable giving in 2014. Donors are getting more comfortable with giving online. Nonprofits have been boosting their online fundraising results through various methods as this fundraising technique continues to grow.

Online fundraising is becoming more and more popular, as there are many tools that one can use to help make the process flow by more smoothly. There are also many websites that now make it easier to help people raise money for many causes such as medical expenses or memorials. Online fundraising has started to grow as it accounts for a 13.5% increase from 2012-2013. There are also many tips offered that can help make online fundraising more easier for an individual. For starters, one must segment their audience, this means selecting the target market for fundraising. The second tip would be to tell your story honestly; this means to give accurate information about what the fundraising is really about.

Thirdly is to go mobile; this means to take advantage of the mobile site to better increase fundraising. Fourthly is to be creative; this means to put the fun in fundraising. Fifthly is to use emails; this means to great email campaigns to use social media as fundraising techniques. Finally it is important to catch people's attention; this means to get people to realize your fundraising efforts so that they can donate to the cause. These are all valuable tips that can help make online fundraising easier for many individuals.