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The Benefits of Fundraising

Mikae’la Gibbs

When it comes to finding financial support for any non-profit endeavor one should look into fund-raising. Fund-raising is an event held to gain financial support for nonprofit endeavors, charity, and any other enterprise. In addition, it brings awareness about the cause, pave the way for extra support in the future, and many other things. However, many people do not understand the benefits of fund-raising and often times overlook it as an option for financial support. Not only does the nonprofit leader benefits from fund-raising but those who support various enterprise and charities benefit as well. “Psychologists have found that donating and volunteering bring a host of benefits to those who give.” (Arthur C. Brooks).  

One study conducted by the University of British Columbia and Harvard shows that when quantifying one’s “happiness”, those spending money on others causes versus their self were happier.  The reason behind this is that when people give to charity, whether it is their money or time, they become problem solves. In which they gain a sense of happiness because they are helping to fix a problem compared to those who are bystanders and does nothing to help.

But, the wonderful benefits of fund-raising go even deeper than extra income for the nonprofit leaders and momentary happiness for the donors. Donors possesses two distinct commodities: sincere belief in a cause and material wealth. In which fundraisers bring those two commodities together giving those who donate the opportunity to turn their material wealth into the gold of a better society.

If you want to start you’re own fund-raiser there are many options from one to choose from that will satisfy any need. For example, school fundraisers, creative projects, GoFundMe, and many others. If you just want to help support a fundraiser all you have to do is look around. There are many places that are in need of assistance from financial support to just a helping hand. For example, churches, schools, shelters, etc. Just remember “it is more blessed to give than to receive”.