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Top 40 Event Fundraising Ideas

Ahmed Rizvi

Top 40 Event Fundraising Ideas

Salsa Labs has an article titled “Top 40 Event Fundraising Ideas”, which lists forty different types of fundraising ideas that can be used at a variety of different occasions. Some of the events that are given are K-12 events, annual events, fraternities/sororities, and even sports clubs.

An example of a K-12 event would be a trivia tournament.  For example, some of the students can join and win prizes for answering questions. However there would be a fee to enter the tournament. The fee would be added to the fundraising program and go to the concerning party.

One of the most common fundraising events are 5k runs. Many companies and especially research organizations use 5ks to promote donations for a certain event or a certain illness. Not only does this give money to those in need, it also lets people understand more about a certain cause and this can lead to a lifetime of support for a certain foundation.

Sporting clubs can also use fundraising to obtain money for new gear or any travel expenses. For example, I play on a college soccer team. And I know that we had to run a fundraiser where we would give out soccer scarves for a minimum donation of $5. We ended up getting an average of $50 for each scarf. It was a unique way to obtain our financial goals as well as getting support for our team.